Approved Picnic Spots

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Our Top 12 Approved Picnic Spots in Wilderness and surrounding areas.

Victoria Bay

Victoria Bay is a beautifully sheltered bay and an ideal place to sit on the grass, enjoy a picnic, gaze at the sea and the surfers.

• An excellent place to swim!
• Ablution facilities are available.
• Drive 6km from Wilderness village on the N2 in the direction of George.
• Victoria Bay is clearly sign posted on your left.
• Turn left and you will reach your destination in 4.5 km.

Dolphins Point

Dolphins point is Wilderness’s iconic viewpoint.

• Drive 1,5 km on the N2 from the village towards George. There is a car park at the viewpoint.
• In front of the view point there are tables available for you to enjoy your picnic.
• This is the best location to spot whales and dolphins in the correct season.
• The view of the Kaaimans river mouth and the old train bridge are breathtaking.
• There are no ablution facilities at this location.

Map of Africa

Well known for a take-off point for paragliders, this location offers the best view of Wilderness. Its elevation and rolling lawns make Map of Africa perfect for a romantic picnic.

• From the village centre, drive 2.3 km up Heights Road, turn left onto Remskoen gravel road.
• After an additional 2.5km you will see the spectacular view on your left. You have arrived!
• There are no ablution facilities at this location.

Gallinule Bird Hide

This location is a lovely, sheltered spot to enjoy a quiet picnic and view some of our endemic bird species.

• Drive 2.3km from the village centre along Waterside drive.
• Turn right at the sign post for Eden Adventures, keep left and drive 300m to the Fairy Knowe Hotel. Keys for the hide can be obtained from hotel reception.
• It is a short walk from the entrance of the hotel to the bird hide.
• Ablution facilities are available at the hotel.

The Wilderness Lagoon

Enjoy a picnic sitting on the grass overlooking the beautiful Wilderness Lagoon or on the benches along the boardwalk.

• The entrance to the Wilderness Lagoon can be found 750m from the village centre along Waterside Drive.
• This venue can become quiet festive over weekends and the holiday season.
• It is probable that SANPARKS will ask for an entrance fee.
• There are no ablution facilities.

The Half Collared Kingfisher Trail

This activity is amongst Wilderness’s most recommended.

• 3.1 km from the village centre, driving along Waterside Drive you will find the start of the trail.
• The trail is a 7.2km round trip and easily completed by most people.
• The culmination of the trail is a waterfall with many beautiful boulders on which to sit and enjoy your picnic and for the brave-hearted to take a swim.
• An entrance fee will be charged by SANPARKS at the start of the trail.
• No ablution facilities are available.

The Woodville Big Tree

The Woodville Big Tree, an 850 year old Outeniqua Yellow Wood, is a mere 80 m from the start of the trail and one of our highly recommended picnic locations.

• Set 12 km from the Hoekwil turnoff on the N2. Take the Hoekwil turnoff from the N2 for 2.3 km, keep on the road as it turns left up the pass.
• Continue driving through the town of Touwsranten for an additional 9.7km until you see the sign for Woodville Big Tree on your left.
• There is a choice of 2 trails. Both start at the Woodville Big Tree, It is circular and leads walkers deeper into the forest followed by a short climb into the fynbos above the forest canopy with views extending over farmlands and distant sea view. The trail then drops back into the forest ending at the Woodville Big Tree
•There is a lovely picnic area with many benches and tables available at the start of the trail. Estimated walking times for the 2 trails: 

• Woodville Big Tree Meander:
Distance: 2.1km
Estimated Time: 0.5 – 1.5hrs.

•Woodville Forest Trail:
Distance 7km
Estimated Time: 3 – 4hrs.

Times are rough estimates based on a very easy walking pace.

• Basic ablution facilities are available.

Island Lake Recreational Area

Island Lake Recreational Area is set on the shores of Island Lake and great for a day out with family and friends.

• Take the Hoekwill turnoff from the N2 and drive for 2.3km, turn into the gravel road to the right and drive for 200m.
• The entrance to Island Lake is clearly signposted on the right.
• This location offers beautiful bird life, peaceful surroundings, a jungle gym for the kids and full ablution facilities.
• SANPARKS will charge admittance if they are on duty.
• Ablution facilities are available.

Sixth Avenue

This quiet Cul de Sac offers one of our favourite picnic locations.

• At the traffic circle on the N2 outside of Wilderness turn towards the sea.
• Drive left behind the Waves Convenience petrol station.
• Stay on the tar road for approximately 150m. You will reach a right turn which takes you onto 6th Avenue.
• Park at the very end of 6th Avenue and follow the boardwalk down towards the beach.
• 1/3 The way down the steps you will come to our location. It is a platform with seating and one of the most amazing beach views in the area.
• There are no ablution facilities at this location.

Brown Hooded Kingfisher Trail

This is one of the quieter trails in Wilderness.

• The trail is a gentle walk, 4.1km in total and can be completed in 2 hours.
• You will find benches set in the forest at the start of the trail which are perfect for a picnic.
• Continue with the trail to reach the small waterfall, surrounded by boulders and an excellent spot to sit quietly and appreciate your surroundings and enjoy your picnic.
• SANPARKS may ask for an entrance fee should they be on duty.
There are no ablution facilities available.

Knysna Picnic Spots

Jubilee Creek

A lovely picnic spot on the banks of a creek in the lush Knysna indigenous Forest. A day walk through the Old Mining Trails to an ice cold swimming hole. Enjoy the Secrets of the Forest, mineshafts, tunnels and other hidden wonders.

• From Knysna take the N2 towards George, 8km out take the Rheenendal turnoff to the right.
• Follow this road for 12.6km and take the Bibby’s Hoek / Millwood Gold Fields turnoff to the right (becomes gravel just after the turn). You will reach a four way crossing with a boom.
• Sign in and pay here. Sometimes out of season this boom is open and unmanned.
• Follow the Jubilee Creek directions to the Jubilee Creek picnic site, 10km.

Krisjan-se-Nek/Circles in the Forest

Dalene Matthee based most of her books on the forest dwellers (human and animal) in the Knysna Forest. Start a 3 or 9 km walk from the famous Dalene Matthee Big Tree at Krisjan-se-Nek Picnic Site.

• It follows an old mining path along the bank of Forest Creek.
• Enjoy swimming in the water holes that make the walk perfect for a summers day.
• From Knysna take the N2 towards George, about 8km out take the Rheenendal turnoff to the right.
• Follow this road for 12.6km and take the Bibby’s Hoek / Millwood Gold Fields turnoff to the right (becomes gravel just after the turn). You will reach a four way crossing with a boom.
• Sign in and pay here. Sometimes out of season this boom is open and unmanned.
• Follow this road to the Dalene Matthee Memorial at the Krisjan Se Nek picnic site, 4km. The hike starts here.

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