Discover Wilderness with a delicious eco-friendly, pre-packed picnic for 2

Would you like to concentrate on having a relaxed and wonderful time? Enjoy the beauty of Wilderness with great food at your fingertips. You no longer need to spend precious time cooking or shopping. We offer 4 delicious varieties of innovative, eco-friendly, healthy picnic options perfectly matched for any outdoor experiences in Wilderness or to enjoy on your patio and the comfort of your home. The best of all is that there are NO dishes, NO mess AND your picnic is conveniently delivered to your door.

Activities Picnic

Enjoy your outdoor picnic experience in the adventure playground of Wilderness. Try your hand at Stand Up Paddling with Oarstruck or a Canoe Trip with Eden Adventures, and finish up at the Waterfall. This basket is a perfectly matched pre-packed picnic. It will be delivered to you in a cooler bag which is returned to us. Alternatively, order a picnic to enjoy on a leisurely hike on one of the many beautiful walking trails. Give us a call or use the Whatsapp link provided.

You are welcome to select your preferred picnic from our full range.

If you are planning a day on the beach, on your deck at home, under a tree in the park or on the road, and prefer a quieter Wilderness picnic experience, we will pack your meal in a compact biodegradable box for you to enjoy indoors or outdoors. Great for family outings too and filled with delicious food.

Our food is home-made, preservative free and locally sourced. To support our committment to sustainablity and protecting the environment, your eco-friendly picnic is pre-packed in 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging.

Mystery Picnic Adventure

Do you prefer an outing which is less physical, yet no less enjoyable? This is another of our outdoor picnic experiences in Wilderness to extend your eating pleasure for longer. All you need to do is order any picnic from our menu. A suggested set of instructions will be included in your basket, taking you on a step-by-step mystery picnic adventure to some of the most beautiful nature spots Wilderness has to offer. We are happy to make suggestions.

Outeniqua Powervan Picnic

A unique rail experience which offers a magnificent, breathtaking, eco-environment journey departing from George. Taking the coastal route to the Great Brak Station, the Powervan stops for a short period at “Opispoor” before returning to George. This outing is suitable for family fun, small intimate groups as well as for larger groups.

Your picnic is delivered to the Powervan 30 minutes before your departure in a stunning biodegradable box for you to enjoy en-route (delivery fee to George is R40).