The South African Picnic Experience: 3 people


Capturing some of South Africa’s most iconic flavours and so much more for your unique picnic experience.

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We have captured some of South Africa’s most iconic flavours for you to enjoy picnic-style.

This unique basket will contain : 

Roosterkoek * 3 traditional South African breads cooked over coals. Filled with thinly sliced, moist beef biltong, cream cheese and preserved green figs. This combination is out of the ordinary but completely mouth-watering!
Sorghum Salad * Nutty wholegrain sorghum combined with toasted seeds, creamy feta, red onion, mixed sweet peppers, fresh coriander and diced cucumber tossed in a roasted tomato and cumin dressing.
Mediterranean Salad * Rosa tomatoes, creamy Danish feta, diced cucumber, red onion, olives & mixed sweet peppers, & toasted seeds with a homemade white balsamic vinaigrette.
Hummus * Roasted sweet potato, chickpea and toasted cumin hummus.
Kudu Pate * A delightful combination of Kudu, bacon and green peppercorn.
Biscuits for 3 * 4-seed, gluten-free biscuits.
Ostrich Carpaccio for 3 * Served with parmesan cheese, rosa tomatoes, fresh herbs and a rooibos-infused balsamic reduction.
Cheese for 3 * 2 Camembert served with a mild chilli cherry tomato relish and green fig preserve, homemade melba bites and 3 mixed dried fruit kebabs.
Healthy Trail Mix for 3 *Power-packed mix of a variety of nuts and dried fruit.
Sweet Endings for 3 * A delicious duo of gluten-free Double Chocolate Brownies and full-blown South African Koeksisters.