Vegan Basket: 2 People


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This specially prepared basket for 2 is a delicious selection of freshly prepared dishes and fantastic variety. This picnic definitely won’t leave you hungry!

Dukkha * Egyptian style dip – A deliciously spiced blend of ground and roasted macadamia nuts, almonds, mixed seeds & our special blend of spices. Served with one of South Africa’s top-rated olive oils. For those new to dukkha, first dip your bread in the oil then in the dukkha and enjoy. Served with a Stoneground sourdough panini.
Hummus * Chickpea and toasted cumin hummus. Served with our 4 seed, gluten-free biscuits.
Baby Potato & Herb Salad * Boiled baby potatoes in a creamy 100% plant-based parmesan & vegan mayonnaise dressing with parsley, dill and red onion.
Sorghum Salad * Delicious wholegrain sorghum combined with toasted seeds, mixed sweet peppers, fresh coriander & diced cucumber. Served with roasted tomato & cumin dressing
Falafals * Served with a Ginger Thyme Plum sauce.
Mixed Medley * Mixed dried fruit kebabs. Salad on a stick drizzled with rooibos infused balsamic reduction.
Sweet Potato, Beetroot & Butternut Chips
Decadent Energy Bombs * Chia seeds, dates, cranberry, apricot, 70% dark Belgian chocolate chips, rolled oats and peanut butter.