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Waterfall Picnic for 2


The Waterfall Picnic is specifically designed to be the perfect match for any outdoor activity

Rainbow Pressed Panini * Pressed Stoneground sourdough panini layered with a mouthwatering and moreish medley of mozzarella, spinach, preserved roasted peppers & aubergine, rocket & combined with our special blend of flavours.
Chopped Greek Salad * Rosa tomatoes, creamy feta, sliced cucumber, red onions, green olives and mixed sweet peppers with toasted seeds and a homemade white balsamic vinaigrette.
Hummus * Roasted sweet potato, chickpea and toasted cumin hummus. Served with our 4 seed, wheat free biscuits.
Beetroot, Butternut & Sweet Potato Chips
Beef Biltong Slices
Healthy Trail Mix * Power-packed with a variety of nuts and dried fruit to keep your energy levels replenished.
Complimentary Still Water * 2 x 500ml
Double Chocolate Brownies *Made from 70% dark Belgian chocolate and white milk chocolate (Gluten/wheat free available on request).

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